With two premium gyms in South Dublin, Raw Gyms is your home for fitness. Whether you are looking to lose fat, tone up or get stronger, here at Raw Gyms you will find a range of Inspirational, Energetic Fitness classes, Customized fitness workouts to take the boredom out of training and state of the art fitness equipment to suit ALL of your goals.
With a dedicated fitness team here to help you succeed.

Raw Gyms Dublin membership is the place to start.

Small Group Training

Included with your membership, you will receive access to over 120 small group sessions per week. These trainer-led sessions will motivate you to achieve your results and push harder than you ever could on your own.

Fitness Classes

Inspirational, energetic, fun fitness classes led by the best instructors in Dublin. We offer a huge range of fitness classes designed to make fitness fun.

Private Personal Training

Dedicated, passionate, professional, and friendly personal trainers. Our personal trainers are here to turn your fitness goals into fitness success with options like one-to-one as well as group personal training.

Dublin Corporate Membership

Establishing a corporate membership could not be easier

corporate membership scheme

The Benefits

Financial Benefits

Corporate membership offers flexible payment options to the employee.

Corporate membership can be paid for by the individual or the employer.

Corporate membership can be paid by monthly or in annual installments.

Benefits to the Company

A Raw Gym corporate membership helps attract new employees to your company and helps retain current employees.

Fitter and healthier employees are much less likely to be absent from work.

Improved physical fitness can help improve productivity and performance at work.

Benefits to the Employee

Raw fitness classes can help your employees reduce stress, increase energy, and can help improve employee motivation and build a community.

Exercise programs at Raw encourages a healthier lifestyle, and our dedicated team ensures employees are motivated to achieve fitness success.

Tailored fitness programs for your team ensures successful fitness results.


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