From our sweat inducing Raw Burn, to our strength building Raw Strength sessions. We have created signature fitness classes that will guarantee great results, all you need is the right attitude.

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Raw Fitness Classes

Raw Burn

Welcome to Raw Burn, a class that’s bound to get your sweat on. This hard-hitting conditioning class is designed to do one thing, make you feel the burn.

Raw Strength

Introducing Raw Strength, Dublin’s full body strength class. Focusing on full body compound lifts, our expert trainers watch you every rep as they push you to levels you could never go alone.

Raw Flow

Improve your recovery from tough sessions in the gym with Raw Flow. Combining flexibility training with conscious breathing to deepen your mind body connection.



Raw Strength

Master the art of full body compound lifts with Raw Strength. Using barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and more, our team of expert trainers will push you every rep to achieve some serious strength results.


Raw Burn

Sweat it to get it in Raw Burn, our full-body fat melting fitness class. Using the latest technology, as well as methods like HIIT, AMRAP, tabata training and more, you are guaranteed to feel the burn.

flow stretch yoga classes

Raw Flow

The ocean is deep and dipping your toes into yoga or pilates can be frightening at first. That’s why our fusion of yoga and pilates could be the perfect first step into the world of balance, flexibility and strength.

raw pump Gymtimidation

Raw Pump

When it comes to lifting, we don’t all like it heavy. If it’s a cranked up tempo that gets you going, Raw Pumps’ low-weight load provides the sweaty, sculpting and rep-fuelled pump that your muscles may explode! Pick a barbell, pick a place and pump along with the bass! Length: 30-45mins Cal Burn: 480Cals

raw core fitness classes

Raw Core

Crunch, twist and plank your way to a killer set of abs. Scientifically proven to add strength, stability and endurance that supports your midsection, this is one mad assault on your core that definitely earns that 6 pack. 

raw rumble boxing classes

Raw Rumble

Ding Ding Ding… The gloves are on in the RAW RAGE CAGE. Our Raw Box pros are primed and ready to pass on all the tips and techniques you need to come out swinging. Put the sweet science of Boxing into motion while getting hooked on an adrenaline high. Do your thing in the ring […]

raw race classes

Raw Race

Racing your way through the hills of Drum & Bass. Brace yourself for 30 minutes of extreme saddle sweating, as you sprint, climb and jump through a spinning vortex of the unknown. This short and intense class will motivate you by pushing your physical and mental limits and the thrill comes from winning the race. 

raw cycle classes

Raw Cycle

The class that makes spin, everyone’s thing.  Whether you’re more used to pushing pedals or pounding the dancefloor, you’ll soon find your rhythm at this multicoloured mashup. With playlists to get you pumped, climbs to make you strong and sprints to make you sweat… we know what you like, now get ’On yer Bike’.

flow strong pilates classes

Flow Strong

Looking to build strength without falling asleep on your mat? Flow Strong is all about controlled and precise movements that stretch and tone your body to improve posture, increase flexibility and reinforce your core. You know what they say, once you go mat, you never go back!

flow stretch yoga classes

Flow Stretch

Thought it was badass to lift weights? Imagine a workout so deep that you learn to tame every fibre of your body. For a more athletic, strength-based flow, work your way through postures that are dynamically synced with your every breath. This class will leave you feeling revitalized and empowered.