Bloom into an ever-growing you

Here are our four rules for joyous ageing and feeling good in your skin, whatever decade you’re in

How do you feel about growing older? Do grey hairs spark panic and wrinkles make you sad? Or do they make you value being in the here and now? 

Joyous ageing isn’t championed by the media as much as it should be. Particularly in the beauty and fitness industry, it’s quite the opposite. And while it’s inevitable that our bodies begin to change, a negative mindset is entirely optional.

There’s a strong case for joyous ageing. With around 30 years added onto the average life expectancy, your later years can be much more positive than you might imagine.

As well as keeping your body healthy and functioning properly, physical activity boosts the production of endorphins – those feel-good hormones that increase wellbeing. Cultivating a move-more, stress-less mindset will improve your health and happiness even further. Follow these four rules to flourish with the years:

1) Connect meaningfully

Let go of who or what no longer serves you and move on from your past, but be sure to reach out and prioritise your relationships. The happiest people in the world have active social lives and deep relationships – the best cures for isolation, loneliness and depression.

2) Think meaningfully

Flipping negative thoughts to savouring life’s positives – whether that’s a sunny morning swim or a delicious blueberry muffin – maximises our pleasure in life. Instead of focussing on the loss of youthful looks, the secret to joyous ageing is to embrace your blossoming strengths: the sense of who you are, your values and what makes you happy only deepens with time. You’re still allowed to look at the past – retelling your favourite moments and glory-filled stories gives you a stronger sense of gratitude, an emotion shown to reduce anxiety and depression.


3) Sit meaningfully

Over 65s spend an average of 10 hours or more each day sitting or lying down. This sedentary lifestyle in later years comes with a price – more chances of falls, obesity, heart disease and premature death compared to the rest of the population. It can also give us bad posture which can lead to pain, injuries and general misery. Try posture-perfecting exercises for a strong and balanced body.

4) Move meaningfully

By staying active, you’ll lower your risk of heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes, dementia, depression and some cancers. Government guidelines advise 150 minutes of moderate activity per week, which you can achieve by power-walking, water aerobics, cycling (on flat ground), mowing the lawn or enjoying a game of doubles tennis. For extra health benefits, work out your muscles with some heavy gardening or a bit of weight training.

Prevention is the key to a strong body and mind, so make exercise and relaxation part a joyful lifestyle. If you’re unsure where to begin, you’ll find so much support from the friendly professionals at our premium health clubs. Find your nearest club and enjoy the journey.

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