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Sophie is an internationally qualified PT. Sophie believes that life is about balance and power which helps her clients achieve their goals with a plan that fits into their lifestyle. Whether it be getting stronger or leaner, shedding body fat or putting on muscle, with Sophie you will not only gain the knowledge to be …

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personal trainers dublin


Adam is a qualified Sports Scientist and Health specialist, having qualified from one of the top universities in Ireland. Believing in a no nonsense, evidence based approach to training you can see Adam on the gym floor motivating his clients through effective training programs. Whether you are looking to build strength, lose body fat or …

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personal trainer dublin


Chrissy has been involved in fitness her whole life, starting with athletics when she was younger she then moved on to high level Gaelic football where she found her love for coaching. Through coaching she learnt just how much you can benefit from training, you can change your life not just physically but mentally. Her …

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personal trainer dublin


In an industry full of conflicting knowledge and opinions, Patrick prides himself on consistently learning and building his skill set so as to provide his clients with the most up to date and effective fitness programs. Patrick enjoys helping his clients become more knowledgeable, comfortable, and independent in the gym. With more than 10 years …

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personal trainer dublin


Anthony started working as a personal trainer in 2008. In that time, he has seen many fads come and go, and in an industry that has so much conflicting information he likes to bridge the gap between misinformation and realistic results based training. He enjoys helping people become more confident, comfortable and independent in the …

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personal trainer dublin


Nicola is a final year medical student from UCD and a Mac-Nutrition University certified nutritionist. Nicola has been working one-to-one with clients since 2018 and has helped them reach goals ranging from weight loss to muscle gain, as well as general health and well-being. Her enthusiasm for all things health, nutrition and training means her …

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