So many obstacles prevent us from reaching our fitness goals. Lack of confidence. Lack of motivation. Lack of knowledge. Sometimes, it can feel impossible to know where to even start – let alone tear down walls and unlock your full potential. Working with one of our personal trainers makes it possible. Together, you and your expert personal trainer will achieve the goals and passions you’ve always dreamed of, but can never reach alone. It’s more than training – it’s personal.

The right people, right when you need them

A common myth is that personal trainers are full-on, in-your-face, drop-and-give-me-fifty drivers. But this isn’t bootcamp. When you work with a dedicated personal trainer, you’re partners. They’re there with the right words, the right plans and a passion to help you break down barriers. We’ll match you to the perfect partner for your interests and goals. So if you love dancing and yoga, don’t worry – we won’t match you to a bodybuilder. 

Expert plans, tailored to you 

We all have our own workout style. Our personal trainers aren’t just qualified in areas of physical education, they’re also friendly, approachable and real. They know what’s going to work and what’s going to turn you off. So, you might need to lose 10kg, but that doesn’t mean they’ll have you sprinting outdoors for 50 minutes if it’s not your thing. Instead, they’ll come up with a targeted plan to Zumba your way to your goals – or another activity more suited to your personality and fitness levels. 

Personal Training

Continuous support, thoughtful progression

Keep finding yourself in a plateau with fitness? Not getting the results you want? Unsure how to take your training to the next level? A personal trainer will thoughtfully increase the level of your challenges, pushing you, motivating you and giving you fun, varied exercises to reach places you once thought impossible. In this controlled environment, you’ll be astonished at how soon you see real results. You’re not the only one continuously trained – our personal trainers are always growing, improving and learning new skills.

RawPT is the safest, fastest way to get your goals

Time working with a personal trainer is time well spent. Both physically and emotionally, you’ll learn different workout techniques to propel you forward. Sessions can be done in half-an-hour, 45 minutes (most popular with our members) or 60 minutes, depending on warm-ups and cool-downs, as well as your workout plan itself. With rigorous guidance on proper form, posture and technique, you’ll reduce the risk of injuring yourself and truly maximise the effectiveness of exercise. Our expert trainers are constantly evaluating the most efficient ways to achieve what you previously thought you were unable to do. 

You call the shots

If you thrive working out with others, you can opt for personal training in either a due, trio, or small group. Or simply stick to dedicated one-on-one training, whatever feels right. You can also control how much you invest in personal training, as prices vary according to length and number of sessions you require.

Ready for results? You bet! Experience RawPT for yourself. Our friendly experts already know the road to results, let them take you on it. Sign up today and reach new heights.

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