Periodisation, The Professional Approach

I like to say – “if you ain’t assessing, you’re guessing”. 

Periodization is an organized approach to exercise programming that progressively cycles specific goal oriented movements or ‘workouts’ within a certain timeframe or macro cycle. 

By adopting a ‘stepping stone’ approach to programming, periodisation breaks down big goals / time frames – into micro cycles of days, weeks or months to achieve success in months or a year down the line.


The concept of periodisation for athletics is not a new concept, and there are many different styles of periodisation for you to use. It is of fundamental importance to anyone looking to make improvements in their training to base their training around the very principles of it. From someone who wants to nail a full body push up or max rep squat by the end of the month, to an Olympic marathon runner training for a race in four years time – periodisation is key!

Periodisation is the best way to avoid plateau in training and achieve success in the fastest and safest way possible.

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