Where is it? That one little thing that simply isn’t showing up anywhere at the moment. You got it – you’ve lost your workout motivation. Here’s how to get it back.

We’re here again. Plumping for our big soft sofa, a bag of salty crisps and whatever’s on TV. The gym can wait. You’ll have a million excuses for not doing that Zumba class, and another million for ditching the pool for Pinot Grigio. By the time you’ve rattled them off, you’ve settled into a new routine that goes as follows: work-kids-dinner-lounge-bed. It’s time for a shake-up. If you’ve lost your workout motivation, these move-more tips should stimulate you into action:

1 – Do the mindset work first

It’s more than likely that the reason you lost your workout motivation boils down to your thinking. Unless you have a physical job, you’re probably not physically tired. You’re mentally tired. And the best cure for a sluggish, negative mind? Moving more. If exercise means extra boring, hard work, try to redefine your idea of working out. Think of those 30 minutes at a fitness class as an endorphin-releasing joy, rather than a chore. And if you’ve been in the clammy office all day, diving into the pool is surely a refreshing slice of sanity.

2 – Bite the bullet and hire a personal trainer

They’re not just for movie stars. Our personal trainers can boost your motivation with personalised plans, attainable goals, new ways to workout and plenty of positive attitude. The benefits don’t stop there. Research published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning also found that supervised training increased aerobic capacity by 7% (in self-directed training, this decreases by 0.3%) and grows lean body mass by 1.3kg (no growth in self-training).

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3 – Just put on your workout wear

This is outrageously simple – but it works. Give laziness the elbow by dressing yourself ‘active’. Once you’ve got your gear on, you’ll have a tough time talking yourself out of going to the gym. If you need an extra nudge, treat yourself to some new gym clothes. Nothing gets you to that class faster than the joy of showing off brand new yoga pants.

4 – Hold onto that post-workout high

Your energy flows where your attention goes. So the more you think about the benefits of exercise, the more likely you’ll be to lace up those trainers. There are a few ways you can do this. Firstly, every time you workout, write down how you feel. On those days you know you’ve definitely lost your workout motivation, pull out your little notepad and read how amazing you felt after that run. You can surround yourself with motivation in other ways, from physical quotes around your room to following feel-good fitness pages on Instagram.

5 – Ditch the regular gym and find a fitness club

Standard gyms are limited. You’ll use the same machines and sample a small range of classes. Fitness clubs – particularly premium clubs – have an eye-widening selection of classes, facilities, services and extras. At Raw Gym, our fitness and lifestyle services are extensive. Tempted? 

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