Importance of Consistency to Ensure Progress in Training

A client I was working with asked me, “What is the most important element of training?” 

Without a doubt consistent training is the most important aspect of success and forward progress in the weights room.

Even a poorly designed or random training program will produce results if followed consistently and if training occurs regularly. In my experience,  the clients that are still performing well into their 40s, 50s and beyond, have all trained consistently over the years and rarely gave up regularly training.

A well designed training plan followed consistently will maximise results. A well designed plan should have the proper mix of stress and recovery and ensures the right type of training occurs at the right time.

Progress in Training

It should be specific to the individual but must be adaptable and adjustable as well. I have often recommended clients cut back on the volume of their training in order to produce more consistent, quality workouts.

Consistency doesn’t just apply to frequency of workouts, but how consistently you adhere to the workout format. It’s no surprise that those who follow their plan precisely at the ones that see the greatest improvements in performance. There may only be room for 1 or 2 “breakthrough” workouts per week. Hitting these important workouts consistently and correctly is the key to forward progression. 

Well balanced athletes have their priorities in place, which ultimately helps their success. It’s important to design a training program that fits your lifestyle and can be followed consistently without upsetting other areas of your life. Make sure your goals don’t overreach the available time you have to train.

That being said, it’s also important to schedule a time for you workouts as you would any other appointment. Don’t try to fit them in half assed, put workouts down on your dairy or schedule and have set times for each day…be organised!

A coach will help you make the most efficient use of your training time and can customize a plan to fit your needs and lifestyle. Each workout will have a purpose, consistently moving you forward. A plan built in advance is more likely to be adhered to than one that is thrown together randomly.

Train hard, train smart and train consistently!

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