No physical changes, no obvious aches… it’s hard to figure out if your workout is working sometimes.

If you’re exercising regularly but seeing no changes, these signs will help you understand what’s working and what’s not.

Knowing the positive signs of a good workout is a huge help in fitness progression. If your fitness routine isn’t delivering the results you want, you’re not seeing visible weight loss results and you keep feeling the impact of training through pains and strains, then your body could be telling you something.

1 – You don’t get strains and pains

You’ll be pleased to know you can get tremendous visible results without feeling like a bull has sat on you. There’s no truth behind the ‘no pain, no gain’ theory. Sure, it’s important to listen to your body – especially if you have medical needs – but if you keep hurting or feeling like you’ve strained muscles and tendons, this is a warning sign things aren’t quite right with your workout. One reason for this is overtraining. Training intensely without taking adequate time to repair can lead to muscle damage and decreased performance. However, it might not mean this workout isn’t right for you, it could just need tweaking with advice from one of our personal trainers. Our trainers can spot where you’re pushing yourself too hard or using poor form.

2 – You’ve not plateaued

It’s been months since you started this new workout and you’re still setting new goals. That’s because this is the right workout for you. As you engage in more of the same exercises, you may feel like you’ve plateaued. That’s because your body, brain and nervous system have adapted to the routine – it doesn’t necessarily mean you have. Consider increasing the duration or intensity of your workout rather than switching to something new altogether. 

3 – You’re still full of energy

If you’re that enviable lady or gent at the gym who still oozes with energy even after the toughest workout – your workout is working. Regular exercise usually increases energy levels, it doesn’t deplete them.

How to Tell Your Workout is Working

4 – You’re hitting personal physical goals

If you’re still reaching personal goals and feeling proud of your achievements then this workout is right for you. Keep going, change nothing, like the old saying goes: if it’s not broken, it doesn’t need fixing.

5 – You’re maintaining good levels of metabolism

Metabolism differs in everyone. But one of the best things about workouts working is that you can ravage a thrice-weekly pasta-and-pizza combo and not have any obvious weight gain. If your workout isn’t delivering the weight loss results you desire then consider increasing your performance at a steady achievable pace. Don’t rush things as this could lead to injury or discouragement. Do be aware that weight gain can also be muscle – a personal trainer can help you work this out.

6 – You’re not procrastinating

The same routine everyday can make us feel less motivated. From household chores to daily workouts, there’s no difference: if it bores you, do it differently. If you’re contemplating tidying up your underwear drawer rather than attending the gym then your workout isn’t working for you. Enjoy it, embrace it, or change it.

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