Break through what you previously thought impossible – we have a plan to push, motivate and build endurance, without burning out. Even if you’re a beginner.

We do so much for the ones we love. 

For many of us, we’re investing in our children’s education at the same time we’re paying for our parents’ care – and at the same time, we should be putting money away for our own retirement. 

And not just financially. 

The most stressful juggling game can be balancing our own life and good health habits while caring for our families. But your health and fitness shouldn’t take the back seat. 

When we plough so much of our energy into others, we struggle to find the time to build up our own fitness and health. We might grab a free half-hour and go for a run, only to overdo it and turn on ourselves:

“I can’t do it!”

“Once I get some free time after X, I will work on getting fitter.”

“You’re not a fitness person – face it.”

“I have too much to do to work out.”

“It’s impossible to build endurance with my schedule!”

“I’m overwhelmed – I don’t even know where to start.”

Recognise any of these limiting thoughts? We see you. And we understand. At Holmes Place, our fitness philosophy does not quick and easy solutions, like fad diets and constant cardio.

To build endurance sustainably and enjoyably, it has to be a journey. 

Raw Race - build endurance

Here are our three tips for building endurance, even if you’re a complete beginner, or feeling low on energy, or have zero time, or don’t know where to begin. We got you.

Know when your energy ebbs and flows

We can’t be operating at our maximum potential at all times. Listening to your body is crucial to building endurance safely and successfully. Go with nature – if you’re low on energy, squeeze in some light and lifting exercise, like pilates. When you’re bursting with life-fuel and are ready to take your resistance, strength and endurance to the next level, that’s when high-intensity classes like will work their magic.

Take baby steps regularly.

The woman who reached the top of the mountain didn’t just land there. The same goes for building your endurance and reaching your goals. You must make exercise a habit. Once you do that, it becomes a joyful part of your life, rather than a chore. Bring small bursts of exercise into your schedule by going for a power-walk in your lunch break, taking the stairs over the lift, or performing speedy workouts.

Invest in a personal trainer

Overwhelm is the result of going in too fast and too hard and not seeing any change. Perhaps a Raw PT is the antidote to it all. Our trainers are experts – they know what’s going to work to build endurance and what’s going to turn you off. They’re ready with a personalised action plan, thoughtfully and strategically tailored to help you progress sustainably. By making sure your form, technique, and consistency is always pushing you forward, working with a personal trainer is by far the safest, fastest way to build endurance from the ground-up. 

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