Healthy eating is a goal we all share at some point in our lives

Just like any other goal: easier said than done — well, not anymore

Here are 6 ways to develop healthier eating habits;

By the title of this article, you already figured out one important thing: there is not a secret to develop healthy eating habits. If you ever consulted with a nutritionist, you already know that too. What definitely helps is a combination of nutritional tips, good sense and enjoyment. 

Most of the things we already know: a salad is healthier than a hamburger, a piece of fruit is healthier than a sugary snack. We also know that if we drink or eat more than our body needs, we will put on weight, and if you reduce this intake, you’ll lose it. Easier said than done — and we know that. So let’s help you out with small things that you can easily change and that will make a difference. 

6 ways to develop healthy eating habits

1 – Go nuts for nuts

We had already warned you about the benefits of eating nuts, but we can’t stress enough how healthy they are — they have fat, yes, but it’s mostly unsaturated. Make sure you use them as replacements for other snacks — more sugary ones, usually. Another positive thing about nuts: there are so many. Cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, peanuts, you will find a favourite one in no time and get all the health benefits of this delicious treat. 

2 – Don’t be too salty — foodwise, of course

We are creatures of habits. For instance, consider cooking. What we learned is that we need to salt our food, and we tend to do that almost unconsciously. Well, a step to reduce the salt intake — an adult should have no more than 6g a day — is to taste your food before adding salt. You will be surprised how this one will help you reduce its usage.

3 – Lower fat milk

Milk is still present in our diets. This iconic commodity — everyone remembers the commercials — has been part of our diet for ages. So how can you still enjoy your glass of milk? By switching from whole milk to lower fat milk. It will taste different first, but in weeks you won’t notice it. 

healthy eating


4 – Planning

It’s much easier to stick to your goal to develop healthy eating habits when you plan ahead. Search for wholesome ingredients, check our own recipes. Think about your favourite dishes: they are good looking, they smell and taste delicious, and you like the textures: they are appealing to all your senses. Once you start planning and choosing what you want to eat, in no time, you will find healthier replacements as wholesome as your favourite dishes. 

5 – Fruit and vegetables

We can’t stress enough how important it is to increase the amount of fruit and vegetable intake. Are you getting your five a day? Because that is the recommendation: that you eat at least five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day. For fruit, start including them in salads and as snacks. For vegetables, include raw ones like spinach and kale and increase the number of soups you make. 

6 – Water It’s your partner in crime,

Especially if you’re combining this goal with exercising. From 6 to 8 glasses, it’s the recommendation. Water will not only hydrate you but also stop your food craving. Avoid sugary and fizzy drinks, as they’re high in calories and alcoholic beverages. You can also include fruit and vegetables in smoothies to increase your vitamin intake.

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