Have you ever given the gym a miss because you felt anxious or scared you’d be judged? You’re not alone. Gymtimidation is real. Here’s how to overcome it.

Worrying about working out is common. A survey of 1,000 people revealed that nearly 65% of women admitted to avoiding the gym due to anxiety or fear of judgement, compared to 36.1% of men. Feeling unattractive, awkward, unfit and inexperienced can all stop people from showing up before they even start.

You might blame yourself for feeling this way. You might feel weak for staying as far away from those squat racks as is physically possible. You might feel like a failure for not trying hard enough. So you stay in bed. Skip the gym. Stay in your comfort zone.

At Raw Gym, we want to make you fall in love with fitness. If other gyms or certain activities haven’t worked in the past for you, we want to change that with a community to help you thrive, a lifestyle to fit your aspirations and a place to get the most out of life. Here are three ways to overcome any gym jitters and start enjoying your fitness journey…


Get a proper gym induction – Our 10 Point Plan

Every quality club should give you a proper induction on your first day. If they don’t, ask for one. Lots of workout equipment comes with instructions, but a proper demonstration can help you feel more confident and prevent any chances of injuring yourself. Your induction is also a good way to familiarise yourself with the building and the team. If you’re worried about not knowing anyone, now you have at least one person to say hi to – a friendly Raw Gym team member. If you’re still feeling intimidated after a few sessions, try a personal trainer. The benefits are endless.

Reframe your perspective

You go to the gym for you. If your gymtimidation stems from feeling like people are judging you, then it’s down to you to reframe that headspace. The truth is, most people are probably feeling just as self-conscious as you are, whether you’re old or young, skinny or heavy, male or female. Instead, be part of creating a welcoming club environment. Help out newbies. Don’t comment on people’s bodies. If someone makes eye contact, smile. If someone is looking at a machine like it’s just dropped from outer space, ask them if they need a hand. Your very presence in a gym helps reduce the gymtimidation such a high proportion of people are feeling.

Team up

You’ve probably heard how important workout buddies are to your progress. First of all, they give you accountability – you’re less likely to flake out if it means cancelling on a friend. But it’s not the only reason that going to the gym with a friend is positive – it can also help beat gymtimidation. When you turn up with someone in the same boat, you can keep things light, have fun and feel less self-conscious than when you’re alone. If you don’t have any friends up for buddying-up, see if anyone in your club’s classes want to make gym sessions a regular thing.

The right gym can and should be a comfort zone. A fitness club like Raw Gyms can be your home-away-from-home – somewhere you want to hang out long after your RPM class has ended. Somewhere you don’t need a game plan in tow before you show up. Somewhere you’re surrounded by extraordinary people, just like you, who believe life should be enjoyed to its fullest. Somewhere to thrive. Find a club near you and discover what makes us different.

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