Executing the Perfect Rep

If you want to achieve maximum success from your training as well continued progress over the long term then how you execute each rep is very important.

Here are some of the rules used when teaching people how to weight train properly;

  • Create a stable environment that the body is locked in place before moving the weight, raise the weight in a smooth and deliberate manner. Avoid any sudden or jerky movements. Eliminate the use of momentum.
  • Pause momentarily in the muscles fully-contracted position. Try to contract harder when there.
  • Slowly make the transition from raising the weight to lowering the weight. Do not suddenly drop the weight.
  • Emphasize the lowering of the weight. The muscles that raise the weight are the same muscles used to lower the weight.
  • Raise and lower the weight through the full range of motion that’s safely available, very important that you are in complete control at all times and moving pain free.
Executing the Perfect Rep

We recommend that you raise and lower the weight taking roughly 2 – 4 seconds in both the positive and negative phase. This means that each rep should take about 4 – 8 seconds to complete.

If you have never tried using slow controlled movements when lifting weights you may be in for a shock. Firstly, you may find you have to reduce the load you were using previously as this lower force method will increase the tension the muscles experience. Secondly, be prepared for a serious case of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), when training to failure in this style.

Remember, how you execute each repetition is the most fundamental aspect of your weight training. Train smart, train safe and reap the rewards that weight training has to offer.

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