Seven Ways to Improve Your Lifestyle

With constant well-intended (yet rarely achieved) plans for life changes, things can get confusing and lose meaning. Before we know it, we’ve done nothing about it. With the summer here, there’s no better time to focus and get what we want from life.

‘’Tis the season to be jolly’ might be all you hear over the Christmas period, but surely there’s no better time than summer to make changes to improve your life? The sun already has our vitamin D levels soaring – and when we’re feeling good, it makes it easier to do more things that make us feel good. But exactly what changes will improve your life this season? The list below is here to motivate and inspire you.

1. Figure out your work-life balance 

With increased work demands and smaller workforces, it’s not surprising our work-life balance is out of sync. Whether you’re self-employed or an employee, it’s likely that you’re suffering without even realising. You need to take responsibility for change. Create a planner that makes sure you enjoy breaks, leave at a definite time, say no to extra work and make sure you’re spending quality time doing what you love – and with your loved ones.

2. Don’t neglect your physical health

There’s no better time to concentrate on your physical wellbeing than when the sun is shining, pumping out vitamin D and feeding us with feel-good vibes. Mother Nature is the most glorious place to work out when the weather is lovely – take walks with your dogs, enjoy outdoor yoga and enjoy water sports.

Improve Your Lifestyle

3. Sort your head out

Never underestimate your emotional wellbeing. Life’s demands can take their toll with depression, anxiety and stress, leaving us feeling physically debilitated. There’s no better way to generate the Zen within than practicing meditation and yoga. Join yoga classes or increase your sessions either at your local club or home practice. Never stop talking – talk to others about your feelings to prevent them getting out of control and stressing you out even more.

4. Eat a whole and balanced diet

Summer’s fertile soil means we’re blessed with an abundant supply of the Earth’s fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds – so make the most of them. Is your diet balanced? The Mediterranean diet is claimed to be the healthiest, with more and more eating this way living to be 100 years old. As long as you’re eating well most of the time, a little indulgence can be enjoyed in moderation.

Improve Your Lifestyle

5. Live life to the full

Stop those inhibitions – those niggling worries at the back of your mind – and go get what you want. Whether it’s learning to swim, booking that dream holiday, or finally getting round to that opening-a-cattery-in-Greece plan – go and get it. 

6. Time just for you

Oh, you’d forgotten about you hadn’t you? That most-important person who runs after everybody else and makes things run like clockwork. Well stop, take time for you and concentrate on who you really are. You aren’t just a parent, partner, grandparent – you’re you. Take time out to relax, treat yourself to wellness and spa treatments, read, go on trips alone, meet people and just realise how important you really are.

7. Go on adventures

There’s so much we plan to do in life. Yet before we know it, we’ve reached middle-age and not ticked many of our to-do boxes. That’s because life, work and family take dominance and we forget about our inner child jumping up and down reminding us what it’s like to play in mud, go foraging in woods and listen to the sea through a shell. Now’s the time to put your plans into action and make them happen, whether that’s exploring the islands of the South China Sea or conquering the cycle routes through the Alpe d’Heuz. Go out, enjoy your adventures, and make those changes to improve your life this season.