Creatine: Fact or Fiction?

Chris Duff is a recent graduate of the Raw Academy Personal Training Course and one of our newest and brightest recruits. In his first blog post, Chris separates what’s “fact” from what’s “fake news” in relation to one of the worlds most controversial supplements – creatine

The Truth About Health Episode 1: Eating Outside the Box

In her first blog post, Raw Personal Trainer Aine O’Donnell examines the true definition of health by comparing the current method of reactive medicine to the preventive method of a healthy diet and regular exercise

Fat Burning Blueprint: 5 Simple Secrets

If you want to lose body fat but don’t know where to start, go and check out our 5 fat-loss tips and turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

The 42

We were pushed to our limits at one of Ireland’s leading gyms but survived to tell the tale.