Karl Brien


Karl has been helping his coaching clients achieve and surpass their goals for over 3 years now. Having begun his own journey as a Raw member at 17 years old, he's developed his knowledge and coaching skills for nearly a decade and believes in a very simple training philosophy - the best plan is the one that you can stick to the longest.

Consistency & patience are the variables of success, and Karl works closely with his clients to create a strategy that will create sustainable results for them in the long term.

Whether you want to drop a dress size or fill out the arms of your favourite t-shirt, Karl will work with you to develop a tailored plan and bring the best out of you on the gym floor.

Chrissy Harford


Chrissy is a highly motivated personal trainer, fitness has always been a passion of hers. Chrissy has been a strength and conditioning/ personal trainer to ladies GAA club teams for a number of years. She has the ability to push you beyond your limits to accomplish your goals.

Chrissy is very enthusiastic to help people reach their ideal weight goals whether it's fat loss, muscle building, toning or to improving overall health.

Chrissy is a very dedicated member of Raw team you can approach Chrissy anytime she is always willing to help and advise any member in need.

Patrick Byrne


Patrick is one of our best motivators. He loves guiding his clients on their journey to better health and builds lasting relationships with them as a result of his pleasant demeanor. Patrick is incredibly successful at helping people change their lifestyles and lose weight. This is achieved with realistic nutrition plans and tough, yet rewarding workouts. All the same with some work on your behalf he can make your training goals an achievable reality.

Laurel Gosselin


Laurel has come all the way from Canada to join the Raw Team. From her positive outlook and passion for fitness you are guaranteed to achieve your goals not just physically but mentally too.

If you're looking for a new challenge, change of lifestyle and to enjoy working out like you never have before, Laurel is the right PT for you. Or if you are experienced in the gym but not sure where to go next Laurel is someone who will push you to your absolute limits.

Issac Cairns


Issac has a background in gymnastics and incorporates mobility work alongside resistance training to create a well-balanced program for his clients. As Raw's resident 'strength and stretch' coach he is sure to keep each session as interesting s it is challenging. Whether your goal is fat loss, toning, muscle building or even to learn how to handstand, Issac is the trainer for you.

Nicola Flannagan


Nicola is a Personal Trainer and 4th year medical student who wants to combine her medical knowledge with personal training and nutrition to provide a high-level service to her clients.
She believes in taking a holistic approach towards each clients’ fitness/ wellbeing, and that it is within everyone’s reach to live a full, healthy life. Nicola works with her clients on forming new habits so that when motivation fails, their habits kick in and keep them on track.

Hannah Hedderman


After completing 4 years of a Business and Management Degree Hannah realised life behind a desk wasn’t for her. Her true passion lies in fitness and sports and has been for as long as she can remember.

Hannah started training in gym to get stronger and fitter but like most, she stayed away from the weight section. It’s wasnt until she was inspired by a coach and started lift weights that she was eager to learn how to train and move properly.

As a coach, Hannah aspires women to lift weights not be afraid to lift heavy. But not just teach, also help them understand WHY they’re doing what they are doing and why it’s so important to long term success.

Mathew Hegarty


With a keen interest in bodybuilding, Matthew has extensive experience helping a variety of clients to achieve their goals, from weight loss to muscle gain to improving overall health. Whether you are looking for 1-1 help with training, guidance on nutrition, or a tailored programme, he has you covered. Matthew works with his clients on changing their lifestyle and taking their fitness to the next level.

Specialises in:
-Muscle Gain
-Weight Loss
-one on one training
-injury rehab and prehab

Nigera Zylyftari


Gera is passionate about health and fitness. She qualified as a personal trainer with the National Training College in Dublin in 2012. A core member of the Raw Training Team since 2013 starting as a Gym Instructor, teaching classes and continues to do so, Gera prides herself for working closely with her clients of all walks of life, to ensure that they reach their goals . Always wanting to develop and broaden her knowledge, Gera has studied in many areas within the fitness industry from Kettlebell Training , Suspension Training, CrossFit (Level 1 Certification) and Competitive Weightlifting. This has given her a wealth of knowledge and experience to help tailor personalised Nutrition and Training Plans to suit any clients’ needs.

Key passion areas: Kettlebells, Suspension Training, Strength Training, CrossFit Level 1, Weightlifting, Nutrition and Tailored Programming.

Chris Duff


My background is in cycling. I have raced and trained with some of Ireland’s top cyclists and teams.

I have recently transitioned into powerlifting. I have a strong passion for what I do and try to instil a positive mindset into all my clients and people I work with, believing mental health and physical health go hand in hand.

I primarily deal with weight loss and endurance based sports training but also have worked a lot with strength athletes.

Rachel Murphy


Rachel is a trainer who takes her clients needs and goals very seriously. Currently undertaking a Bsc in sport science and health, she has great knowledge in performance science, human physiology and coaching. Having competed in sports such as gymnastics and athletics from a young age, she understands what is required to meet the performance goals of her clients. These goals include strength training all the way to fat loss and she assists clients with the appropriate nutritional advice to achieve their desired muscle tone, as well as how to implement a healthy lifestyle. Her strength and conditioning style training including speed, agility, plyometrics, resistance and endurance style exercises, will push you to your fitness limits giving you the results you need to achieve.

Rob Kearney


As long-serving members of the Raw Team, Rob has a great passion for training and creating specified programs for a range of clients. Specialising in Strength & Conditioning programs, Rob has gained extra experience working with sports teams locally and has also featured on international sports programs for the Irish Under 20’s Mens basketball team. In the gym, Rob is very specific and precise about training programs and the exercises themselves ensuring that no detail gets left ignored.

Amanda Tavares


Amanda has always loved being active and has been involved in sports ever since she can remember - whether it was dancing ballet, taking swimming lessons or competing in gymnastics. She believes that fitness is here to be enjoyed and not to be seeing as punishment. For her, having a healthier lifestyle doesn't need to be complicated, radical or follow a ''all or nothing mentality'' -when it comes to getting results it’s about doing the basics right, consistently. By pushing clients that bit further than they would push themselves and helping them with accountability, she aspires to empower them with the ability to enjoy an active lifestyle and the perks that come with it.

Brandon Earle


Brandon is a trainer who likes to strip his training methods back to the basics, incorporating compound movements to achieve the best results. He is a believer in functional training. His training programs involve strength building, functional hypertrophy and weight loss. Feel the difference and see the results!

Karen Hanlon


Karen completed her Personal Training qualification through Raw Academy, learning from some of the most renowned names in the industry. Coaching in both Portobello and Sandyford, she applies these skills with her experience to date in helping achieve her clients' goals.
Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscle or lead a healthier lifestyle, Karen combines strength training, HIIT and better nutrition to achieve this.
By working with her clients, she helps them build and maintain a healthier lifestyle long-term and believes in balance - incorporating training and nutrition into their weekly routine while still enjoying life